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Dienstag 07.06.

This is not my body

A drone is a sustained sound-wave.
It can be met in combination with other drones.
It can be found in the city, aswell as in the woods,
in your power supply system and in your veins.
It can be found in history, as it vibrates in the cellular structure.
It has no / all the timelines.
A body can tune in and out of the frequency.
It can stop and let go, it can create and earase.
It takes time to fall into it.

Drones as a base of a musical piece can be found in many ancient folk music
styles, such as indian, australian or celtic music.
This performance finds its rersearch on the irish Islands.
Anna Sophie Adelt aka States of Clay takes an interest in the impact of
centuries of cultural surpression and how this non verbal drone seems to be the ground
for so many stories to be told.
Fascinated by its fragmented simplicity of how sound rises and falls,
she will takes us on a trip to her own interpretation of the island.