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Hedonistika/Open Call

Open Call for Automated Hedonism

  • For your machines, that serve to elevate pleasure or alleviate pain.
  • For your dance-robots. We want to see robots swinging their robot bodies, it’s not about copying human dance habits. Dance as a robot!

Deadline: July 10, 2022

We can award festival artists with 250€. For any additional questions about logistics and support, please write to us.

To apply to participate, please send a short description of your work and tell us about yourself. Send to by July 10, 2022, at the latest.

Hedonistika (September 8-10, 2022) invites artists to present mechanical works of art that serve to elevate pleasure or alleviate pain: from cocktail and gastro robots, to massage, sex and dance robots. The art collective monochrom ( will stage the Festival together with the team DH5.

The Hedonistika Festival, previously held in Montreal and Holon near Tel Aviv, is a gathering that encourages discourse on technology, art and hedonism through joyful interaction with machines.

Were you told, don’t play with your food? Well we say play more, you’re not playing enough!

What is the Hedonistika?

Hedonistika is the logical continuation of last year’s Roboexotica, hosted at DH5 Culture Club in Linz, where a mélange of robotics, art and fine spirits filled the space in 2021 ( This year, not only will cocktails amuse our guests and transform worldviews, but power structures will be questioned through food and drink and other enjoyment. Self-images will be broken up and innocent pleasure will have to face unpleasant questions. In personal contact with the artists, their machines and their creations, the relationship between man and machine can be recalibrated. Far away from industrial usability and the dictates of capital, human spirit runs through the veins of the machine. The Hedonistika is an art festival and not a place for commercial products.

Festival Facts:

It will be held on the premises of DH5, in Linz city center. An open workshop is part of the event and this will allow repairs to be made to the machines if necessary. Participants can also work on new robots there during the festival.

  • Festival Duration: September 8-10, 2022
  • Location: Kulturverein DH5, Herrenstrasse 5, 4020 Linz

Best Regards, the Hedonistika Team