Concert by V.M. Gardoqui, Sonifer & E. Tomás

Tuesday, 02.05., 21:00 h

“… it is difficult to discern which properties each thing possesses in reality.”
Democritus 8th century B.C

The artist Víctor Mazón Gardoqui joins forces with Sonifer (Michael Schweiger) and Enrique Tomás to perform a concert where a diverse range of analog electronic devices will be used: electromagnetic resonators, modular synthesizers and radio-frequency listeners.

Víctor Mazon Gardoqui

His work exposes the unheard and unseen, addressing the inaccessible and experiencing vulnerability and awareness on the viewer. Perception and altered states are key concepts on his performances and recordings, through the use of materials like sound or light, contributing to a portrait of the vibrational world.

Sonifer (Michael Schweiger)

Sonifer, the analog electronic music project of Michael Schweiger since 2013: sonification, sound-art and immersive space activating sound-scapes bass and beat oriented. Sonifer works intensively with a growing modular and other synth stuff. With artistic direction towards analog electronic dance, electro-acoustic music and sonification, Sonifer is for the dance and Michael Schweiger carries out more conceptual or abstract works.

Enrique Tomás

Enrique Tomás is a sound artist attracted to his computers to create immersive textures of sounds. Working with space as “the material”, his concerts makes us discover our capabilities for active listening in extreme range of amplitudes and frequencies. Without concessions to music his performances explore individual construction via aural imagination.

He will play this concert with the instrument ‘ET-1’ built by Tuni Panea.